Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Affordability: Several Levels of Service Make Us Affordable

We provide several levels of editing. The level of editing needed for a book will vary according to the writer's needs and skill level. All turnaround times are based on an average manuscript size of 80,000 words. Manuscripts larger than this may require more time. Also, at times, depending on workload, there may be a waiting period before the project can be edited. 

Contact editor@anointedwritenow.com for a free consultation.

Level 1: Proofreading
This is the most basic level of service and is only for manuscripts that have two or fewer errors per 250-word page. Writers who desire to have one last pair of eyes on their manuscript before it is submitted or published should use this service. It is strongly recommended that authors who have line editing or content editing done also have their books proofread to have the highest quality book possible. Most publishing companies put books through a couple of rounds of editing in addition to proofreading. We offer a discount for proofreading books that we have already edited.

Turnaround time: One to two weeks.

 Level 2: Copy Editing
At this level of editing, we will correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

Turnaround time: One to three weeks

 Level 3: Line Editing 
This is by far the most common level of editing needed. At this level, we will go through the manuscript line by line and correct more pervasive errors in grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation. We will also make suggestions to improve readability, flag factual inconsistencies, and break up large paragraphs if needed.

Turnaround time: Two to three weeks 

 Level 4: Content Editing
This level of editing is appropriate for manuscripts that need the most in-depth editing and reworking. At this level, we will work on more extensive rewriting and restructuring of sentences. We will also make suggestions for changing the order of paragraphs, if needed, and flag inconsistencies within the manuscript.

***Note: Level 4 is also the only level of editing at which we will check Scripture references for accuracy. At all other levels, the author is expected to check them.

Turnaround time: Two to four weeks

Level 5: Ghostwriting and Developmental Editing
These services are offered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a quote.

Need your book back in a hurry? No problem! We will expedite your manuscript for an additional fee (subject to the editor's availability). Please contact us at editor@anointedwritenow.com for details. 
All books will be edited to conform to The Chicago Manual of Style and The Christian Writer's Manual of Style unless otherwise requested by the author.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just Write Already!

“You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.”
― Madeleine L'Engle


Sunday, December 2, 2012

General Proofreader Marks (Hardcopy Only)

Frequently used proofreading marks:


Delete: Proofreading mark for "delete."Proofreading mark for "delete.", or Proofreading mark for "delete."
Delete a letter: a diagonal line through the letter with the delete mark in the margin
Delete a word: a straight line through the word with the delete mark in the margin
Transpose: Proofreading mark for "transpose."
Space needed: Proofreading mark for "space needed."
Close up a space: Proofreading mark for "close up a space."
Delete letters and close up a word: Proofreading mark for "delete letters and close up a word."
New paragraph: Proofreading mark for "new paragraph."
Period or full stop:
Semicolon: Proofreading mark for "semicolon."or Proofreading mark for "semicolon."
Colon: Proofreading mark for "colon." or Proofreading mark for "colon."
Insert or superscript: Proofreading mark for "insert" or "superscript."
Insert or subscript: Proofreading mark for "insert" or "subscript."
Insert comma: Proofreading mark for "insert comma."
Insert apostrophe or single quotation mark: Proofreading mark for "insert apostrophe" or "insert single quotation mark."
Insert double quotation marks: Proofreading mark for "insert double quotation marks."
Insert en dash: Proofreading mark for "insert en dash.", Proofreading mark for "insert en dash.", or Proofreading mark for "insert en dash."
Insert em dash: Proofreading mark for "insert em dash.", Proofreading mark for "insert em dash.", or Proofreading mark for "insert em dash."
Centered: Proofreading mark for "centered.", or Proofreading mark for "centered."
Parenthesis:  Proofreading mark for "parenthesis."

Frequently used abbreviations

Let it stand: Proofreading mark for "let it stand."
Spelling: Proofreading mark for "spelling."
Capitals: Proofreading mark for "capitals."
Lowercase: Proofreading mark for "lowercase."
Italics: Proofreading mark for "italics."
Roman typeface: Proofreading mark for "Roman typeface."
Bold typeface: Proofreading mark for "bold typeface."
Faulty diction: DICT
Awkwardly expressed or constructed: AWK
Wordy, too verbose: WDY
Wrong word used (e.g. to/too): WW